Monday, 23 July 2007

Openbravo launches “Pioneers” an innovative Partner Acquisition Campaign

One of the things that I really love about Openbravo is the team’s determination to redefine the rules on how ERP software is designed, developed and marketed in all areas. Over the next few days, we’ll be talking about the power of our next release (you can try our BETA version by downloading it here) and how we plan to continue innovating our Product area. In this post, I want to briefly talk about another important innovation that was introduced two weeks ago: the "Pioneers" campaign targeting potential partners who want to be the first to introduce Openbravo in their country.

Being the first Partner in a country not only means a clear first mover advantage, but also taking the responsibility to localize Openbravo to the specific territory. “Pioneers” is a campaign which targets the acquisition of a qualified partner in a country so that it can thus help serve the objectives of all of us: Community, Partners, and Openbravo as a company. So what do each of these parties gain?
  • The Community gains a free published localization pack (developed by the Partner with Openbravo’s professional support).
  • The Partner gains a once-in-a lifetime opportunity, as the first and only partner to get this offer, to benefit from all professional services required to build up its Openbravo practice. In addition, they naturally get a first mover business advantage plus the community recognition for being the first company to develop and publish the localization
  • Openbravo as a company gains a new qualified partner and takes a giant step toward opening the future of ERPs in each country.
I started this post elevating our team’s determination to redefine the rules of this business. These are rules that are redefined thanks to all those who form the broad Openbravo community: people, companies, partners, and obviously in this case, our team in Sales.

Please keep sending your feedback, regardless of your relationship with us as a company. We’ll make sure that we channel it adequately to continue with the innovation wheel. If you want to become a Pioneering Partner please submit your application here. Thank you all.

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