Monday, 1 October 2007

Will SAP help grow the SME ERP market?

After long delays, SAP has finally presented a new additional product targeting SMEs. For a long time the product, code named A1S, now comes to life with a new brand name: SAP Business Bydesign. Although many things are still unclear (how much is slideware vs. real product with optimal performance, what will be the future of SAP Business One, what will be the role of SAP midmarket channel partners, will SAP achieve its aggressive targets,…) this movement is a recognition that the industry is changing and web-based technologies are the future, as we saw many years ago from our foundation back in 2001. Additionally, we believe that SaaS makes a lot of sense for many SME clients which are not IT experts and look for an affordable, easy to configure solution without IT hassles. And therefore SaaS is here to stay and I am sure SAP will be a great contributor/ enabler in growing up this market.

At the end, I believe SAP will help us grow the market and since SAP remains closed source (big surprise ;-) and I still think the new leaders of tomorrow will be companies who adopt a new and better way to develop and sell software the open source wayOpenbravo is also here to stay!