Monday, 4 February 2008

Open Source rocks and Openbravo does not stop!

First my apologies to all the readers for not having posted any messages since quite a long time already. My only, hopefully valid, excuse is the enormous workload we had to close the year 2007. Now, what can I say that has not been said by other bloggers, analysts and press in the last days?. Three short comments that have attracted my attention over this period:

  1. I think we all will agree by now that Open Source has consolidated as one of the most important forces that today is changing the software industry. Just look at some of the transactions that the industry has had in the last weeks ranging from Zimbra, Xensource, MySQL or Trolltech. By the way … isn't it strange that with the latest news of Microsoft bidding to acquire Yahoo, Zimbra could become part of Microsoft? I am curious to see what will the implications would be.
  2. Further, the initially successful Netsuite IPO has brought even more attention than there already was into our space: the world of ERPs. Specially proving that there is a huge opportunity for the company or companies that are able to deliver something new and compelling to midmarket companies.
  3. Openbravo has had a marvelous 2007!. I would suggest that all of you read the round up press release that we just published today. We are proving that there is a better and more efficient model to satisfy the hundreds of thousands of traditionally under-served small and mid-sized companies around the globe.

2008 looks incredibly promising for Openbravo. I have no doubts that with our product, community and hard and good work we will continue to advance very rapidly. Bear with us my friends!

By the way, do you know that we have been presented with yet another award, this time in the Open Source Meets Business Conference?


Raphaël Valyi said...


Hope for you OpenBravo have a nice 2008, but please could you have a look at that kind of bug:

So a guy download last OpenBravo for Windows (which is unfortunately the major platform) and it doesn't even start!

That was at the beginning of January. A newbie from our team just tried the same now, at the beginning of February: same bug.

Come one! This is the worst way of spreading a great product! You have to download it and it should just run!

I'm all aware of all the great efforts from Open Bravo and wish them good luck, but I hope you get those bugs fixed also.

The incriminated files are to be found here:

Now we are just recompiling and hoping it will work. Still I guess you'll loose some potential users from such a bug.

Best regards,

Raphaël Valyi.

Manel Sarasa said...

Dear Raphael,

Welcome to our community. If you have a bug, please report it in our bug tracker in SourceForge, so that as a community we can manage it and the fix can be provided for everyone.

Following the link you provided, I understand the issue you were referring to is related to installation problems. Unfortunately, although we provide some quite sophisticated installers and a lot of documentation, the installation of all the components of the stack is not easy and this can create some problems. I have seen that our team has already provided an answer to this post. Based on the comments I saw on the forum I thought the issue was successfully addressed but I understand the problem still persist and it will obviously be solved.

The acceptable workaround is to deploy manually the system but I agree with you that the problem should not happen in the first place. For evaluation purposes, I would strongly recommend you to deploy the virtual image appliances
( , which are already preconfigured and avoid many of these problems.

Please post in the community forum thread if you still need more help in regards to this issue.

Best regards,

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