Thursday, 30 August 2007

Openbravo wants Apple engineers: The iPhone, a “breathtaking” experience!

I had the pleasure to play with the iPhone this summer while at LinuxWorld San Francisco. As Steve Jobs usually says in his Macworld presentations: “it is breathtaking”. As of yet, I cannot purchase one because as you know, it is neither homologated nor active for European mobile networks. Although I couldn’t experience the device while it functioned working as a phone, what I experienced at the Apple store indicates that it is really an amazing product.

For me above all it apparently is:

1) A best in class benchmark in usability success stories (check the following video )
  • Your feel as attracted to the design as with the iPods
  • After 2 or 3 minutes of usage, you not only know how to use the device but also you experience incredible navigability features that are clear innovations in software applications. Features like zoom in zoom out, the capability to scroll up and down with inertia, the magnifier functionality that pops up when clicking a word with your finger to correct it...the list goes on.
  • The applications which are included by default in the device are just very well thought out

2) A device that redefines the mobile internet experience and makes you truly believe in it
  • The industry has been talking a lot about mobile data … I have not believed much in this industry (with the exception of the SMS), when experiencing the mobile data experience that other terminals would give you; but now wait until you experience the iPhone when…
  • … web browsing with a wi-fi connection … amazing! … this is really web browsing and not what we have experienced in the past
  • … experience other widgets like the Maps … you can easily find routes to places when traveling, …
  • … weather … you can easily get the weather forecasts (definitively a killer up for my wife!)
  • … Youtube … watch videos right away, and many more that make me think that this new iPhone really redefines how the mobile industry will evolve.

Overall, and obviously with a disclaimer since I still have not fully tried out the phone (things like the batteries,…), big kudos to the Usability and Engineering team at Apple. If anyone there is looking to join Openbravo, please send your resumes to We’ll be more than happy to talk to you! ;-)


not_me said...

So when will we see Openbravo POS on the iPhone then? :)

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